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A powerful documentary tackling the hunger epidemic in America. Narrated by James Denton.


What does the face of hunger look like?


Is it a child in Ethiopia? An aging man in Somalia? Or a family in poverty-stricken India?


This eye-opening documentary will change your whole perception on what hunger looks like.


In America today, one in six people, including hard-working men and women, suburban families and children are struggling with hunger. Tonight, over 50 million Americans won’t have enough food to eat by day’s end.


The face of hunger in America is not just the homeless, like everyone thinks. As it turns out, the face of hunger in America is the single mom, it’s grandparents raising babies, it’s the elderly, it’s the infirm.


This is their story…


Written and Directed by Zac Adams

Produced by Zac Adams, Tim VandeSteeg

Executive Produced by Joel Hahn

Co-Executive Produced by Darren Williams, James Denton 

Co-Produced by Camron Carrier, Mike Stryker, Randy Ryder

Director of Photgraphy by Mike Stryker

Music by Gary Corbett 

Edited by Sergio Valenzuela


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